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kymwong-marketing-consultant-washington-timesOur founder Dr. Kym Wong, is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing coach who has been working actively in the internet and business technology arena since 1990.  As President of Novo Consulting, she shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to leverage the marketing and e-commerce opportunities offered by the Internet to rapidly launch and grow profitable businesses.

Before founding Novo Consulting, Kym was a highly successful entrepreneur, corporate consultant and internet pioneer. She has started and grown several businesses, including a 7-figure systems consulting business.

She currently owns an online publishing venture which makes money from internet marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing. As a result, she is constantly in touch with and testing new online marketing techniques and technologies – practicing what she preaches.

Kym has been an early participant in internet business and high-tech:

  • She helped launch one of the first business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce exchanges which integrated 1,000 corporate buyers, 40 suppliers and over 1 million catalog products online (funded by American Express)
  • She was part of the original team charged with building what is now the world’s largest internet library (over 10 billion web pages, video, audio and more)
  • She helped launch successful products at three enterprise software companies.

She has also been a consultant to startups, high growth and Fortune 2000 companies. In her 20 years of consulting, she has helped companies develop new business, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, scale their business, and increase profits by effectively automating business processes – from sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing to financial and human resources.

Kym has a Doctorate in Management and is an expert on technology, marketing, business development and best practices with regard to running all types of businesses.  A few of the companies she has worked with:


Boosting Business+Profits Online